Control the Robotic Vacuum with Amazon Alexa

Something you should ensure before starting:

  • 1.You have connected the robotic vacuum to Thamtu APP.
  • 2.Make sure you've installed Amazon Alexa APP on your mobile device and you've created an account.
To control Thamtu device with Amazon Alexa, follow these steps below:
  • 1.Log in to Alexa APP with your Amazon account, click   in the upper left corner of the homepage, then select Skills & Games.
  • 2.Search "Smart Life" and select it on "Skills & Games", then tap "ENABLE TO USE" to enable it.
  • 3.Enter the account and password for logging in to Thamtu APP, then click "Authorize" to continue.
  • 4.Click "CLOSE" to close the page, then tap "DISCOVER DEVICES" to find the robotic vacuum that has been connected to the Thamtu APP.
  • 5.Please click "SET UP DEVICE" to set up your device after finding the robotic vacuum.
  • 6.Click  and allow Alexa APP to use the microphone of your mobile device.

You could follow the voice commands below with your mobile device, and the robotic vacuum will respond accordingly.

"Alexa, turn on the robot.", If you have changed the device name, please replace "the robot" in the voice command with the name of your device.

Alexa, turn off the robot.

If you have an Echo device at hand, you could follow the voice commands above with the Echo device, the robotic vacuum will respond accordingly.

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