Control the Robot with Google Assistant

Something you should to ensure before starting:
  • 1.You have connected the robotic vacuum to Thamtu APP.
  • 2.Make sure you've installed Google Assistant APP on your mobile device and you've created an account.
To control Thamtu device with Amazon Alexa, follow these steps below:
  • 1.Log in to Google Home APP and follow the APP instructions to set up your Google account.
  • 2.Click "Settings" on the homepage, then scroll down to the bottom to click “Works with Google”.
  • 3.Click , then scroll down to select "Smart Life"
  • 4. Enter the account and password to log in to the Thamtu APP.
  • 5.Click "Link Now" and "Authorize" it will show that the Smart Life is connected.
  • 6.Follow the instructions to set up the device, and complete all settings, then click and allow Google Home to use the microphone of your mobile device.


You could follow the voice commands below with your mobile device, and the robotic vacuum will respond accordingly.

"OK Google, turn on the robot.", If you have changed the device name, please replace "the robot" in the voice command with the name of your device.

"OK Google, turn off the robot."

"OK Google, robot go home."

"OK Google, where is the robot."

If you have a Google Home Speaker device at hand, you could follow the voice commands above with the Google Home Speaker device, the robotic vacuum will respond accordingly.