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Give A Robot Vacuum A Smart Home

In a world of overpriced robot vacuums that don’t meet your needs, Thamtu is here to bring ease and fun into your cleaning routine through advanced robotic vacuum technology. Our robot vacuums are easy to use, smart and efficient so you can just kick back and relax, Thamtu will get the job done.


How to Make Easter Eggs?

How to Make Easter Eggs?

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Are robot vacuum cleaners easy to use, and are they really effective?

Are robot vacuum cleaners easy to use, and are they really effective?

The robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous device that can clean carpets, tiles and hardwood floors like any other vacuum cleaner. They usually come with a docking station, which automatically charges when there...


See what other people, prototype testers and supporters told about us.

I love this little vacuum. Everything in the box was so neatly packed and setup was a breeze.

- John Smith, @john_smith97, United States

This guy is powerful and effective. Makes logical patterns, not random like other robo vacs.

- Annie, @annie_le, United States

Works so well that my baby can crawl all over our floors in a white onesie and stay completely clean!

- Jolie, @joliee, United States

The G-11 model is simple yet stylish so you never have to worry when it’s moving around your home!

- Mia, @miamiapeng, United States

This product is great! It’s super easy to use and makes maintaining the house very easy.

- Shawn, @shawn, United States

This robot is a very smart invention. It saves us time to do other things!

- Juliasstyle, @juliasstyle, United States


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