Forget About Cleaning, Really.

Thamtu T30S

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About Thamtu G10

This little guy excels at cleaning up your messes. Who needs a vacuum when you have a robot vacuum with this tech!

Amazing sunday!

Dont yall dare judge me on this amazing sunday! It got the job done

Cool little guy

Cleaning is such a major chore, right? Comment down below if you agree!

Unboxing video for G10H

G10H helping you to get dust-free floors and sparkling-clean tiles, all from your mobile.

About Thamtu G10

Keep carpets and tiles clean all at the touch of a button or voice control!

About Thamtu G11 MAX

About Thamtu G10

World First Hidden Lidar !

The Thamtu T21 features a cutting-edge built-in radar with the most advanced laser-based navigation system!

Clean and mop your home with Thamtu G10H

Don’t spend a fortune on separate vacuums and mops with the Thamtu G10H Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop!

If you are a pet owner

Take control of your cleaning with the Thamtu G11MAX Robot Vacuum!