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Remote Control for Thamtu G10/G10S/G10H/G11 (Without AAA Battery)
Remote Control for Thamtu G2 (Without AAA Battery)
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Replacement kit for Thamtu G11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Replacement Kit G2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Only, 2 Mopping Clothes & 4 Side Brushes
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Replacement Kits for Thamtu G11
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Robot Vacuum Replacement Filter For Thamtu G2, 6 Filters and 6 Sponges Included
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Thamtu 2600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Replacement Battery
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Thamtu Brush Guard for Robot Vacuum G10 G10S G11 G12
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Thamtu Extra Magnetic Boundary Strip
Thamtu G10 wheel
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Thamtu G10/G10S Filter and Side Brushes
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Thamtu G11 Replacement Filter Kits
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Thamtu G11 Replacement Filter Kits, 1 Filters and 1 Sponges Included
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Thamtu G11/G10 Charging Base
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Thamtu G11/G12/G10/G10S/G10H Replacement Accessories, 4 Side Brushes & 1 Main Brush
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Thamtu G12/G10/G10S Replacement Filter Kits
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Thamtu G20  Dust Bag & Filter
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Thamtu G20\T21\T21S\T25\T25S Replacement Accessories, 4 Side Brushes & 1 Main Brush
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Thamtu H20 Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Thamtu Replacement Parts Kit Compatible with C20 Touchless Vacuum Trash Can, 6 Dust Bags
Thamtu Robot Vacuum Dust Bin Replacement for Thamtu G2/G2C
Thamtu Robot Vacuum dust Box Replacement for Thamtu G10
Thamtu T20
Sale price$299.99
Thamtu T20S
Sale price$399.99