Are robot vacuums worth it?

Are robot vacuums worth it?

Why do we use robot vacuum cleaners?

Generally speaking, vacuuming and cleaning is a housework that no one likes to do. This process is not only boring, but also takes up a lot of your time and energy. At this time, the robot vacuum cleaner was born.

The robot vacuum cleaner was first introduced in the late 1990s. Initially, this kind of machine was not very mature, responded poorly, and was not very popular with everyone. But with the advancement of technology and technological innovation, now the robot vacuum cleaner has become a popular household cleaning tool.

The robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous device. They can clean all kinds of dirt and debris on hardwood floors, tiles and carpets like a vacuum cleaner. But its biggest difference is that these robots can reduce the cleaning work you need to do every day, without spending time cleaning the house.

With the help of robot vacuum cleaners, we don't have to spend a lot of time keeping the floor clean.

So what are the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners?

  • Easy to use
    The biggest advantage of having a robot vacuum cleaner is that it is very easy to use. As long as the machine is set to a good time, it can work on its own. All you need to do is to put the robot on the floor and click to start.
  • Save time
    In fact, if you have a robot vacuum cleaner, it means that you don’t need to spend time cleaning the floor. All you need to do is to empty the container of the equipment or replace its bag regularly. Even if you go on a vacation, it can be cleaned by itself.
  • High efficiency
    The robot vacuum cleaner not only cleans, but also remembers your spatial layout, can dump the collected dirt, and then find a way back to the charging station.
  • Wireless connections
    You can wirelessly connect the robot vacuum cleaner to your home hub. You can control your device through language control or smartphone apps. So even if you go out, you can start it remotely.
  • Work in a small space
    It is difficult to handle those narrow or hard-to-reach places with traditional vacuum cleaners. However, because of its compact size, the robot vacuum cleaner can be cleaned through corners such as the bottom of the table and the bottom of the bed.
  • Set virtual boundaries
    Don't worry about the robot vacuum cleaner falling off the stairs, knocking down things or damaging the walls. You can program these machines to set up virtual walls. This allows the robot vacuum cleaner to avoid the area you set. It will eliminate the risk of damaging your furniture and equipment. It can also prevent your robot vacuum cleaner from entering or leaving the restricted area of ​​your house.

So what are the disadvantages of the robot vacuum cleaner?

  • Cleaning power is not as great as traditional vacuum cleaners
  • noise.
    Although the noise made by the robot vacuum cleaner is not as loud as that of the traditional vacuum cleaner, the working time of the robot vacuum cleaner will be longer than the working time of the traditional vacuum cleaner in your hand, which means that the noise time is longer than that of the traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • The price is relatively expensive.
  • Long cleaning time
  • Unable to clean the stairs
  • When the robot vacuum cleaner passes through a more complicated environment, it is easy to be entangled by obstacles

In conclusion:

Although the robot vacuum cleaner has some shortcomings, its advantages make up for them.

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