Can a Robot Vacuum damage furniture?

Can a Robot Vacuum damage furniture?

All you need is a robot vacuum cleaner to keep your floors clean all the time. For this you don't need to put any effort, you just need to turn on the robot vacuum cleaner and wait for the cleaning to finish. However, the robot vacuum cleaner may have some disadvantages and that is the damage to the furniture.

While cleaning the floor, the robot vacuum cleaner may damage the furniture by repeatedly hitting it and causing dents or scratches, wiping off the paint or varnish with a brush, and getting stuck under the furniture.

But you don't need to forgo the convenience of a robot vacuum cleaner just because of possible furniture damage. There are steps you can take to prevent damage to your furniture.

Why robot vacuums may damage furniture?

Robot vacuum cleaners may hit furniture.
Different robotic vacuum cleaners navigate your home in different ways. Older models, such as gyroscopic navigation and random navigation will navigate a space by going in one direction until they hit something, at which point they will turn around and go another way.

These types of robotic vacuums can damage furniture. They must hit your furniture each time they navigate to know where it is, and the constant hitting can cause damage. For this you can choose a laser mapped robot vacuum cleaner, or use magnetic strips to enclose these vulnerable items. Use a laser to thoroughly map your home. This laser mapping means it doesn't need to hit the furniture to know where it is.

Robot vacuums can damage furniture with brushes
Robotic vacuum cleaners have a brush on the front of the vacuum that rotates to sweep and collect debris. Unfortunately, this brush spins fast enough and with enough force to cause some damage.

Vacuums navigate by simply hitting things to determine their location, and the constant impact of the brush can wear away at paint or varnish. Over time, you may notice a noticeable wear spot on your furniture at the level where the brush made an impact.

Robotic vacuums may get stuck under furniture
Robotic vacuums may get stuck under furniture if they can only sense what is in front of them and cannot tell when the furniture is too low to fit. When this happens, the top of the robot vacuum cleaner may rub against the bottom of the furniture, possibly causing damage underneath that can also be seen when looking at the furniture from the side. For this you can choose a laser mapped robot vacuum cleaner and set up a virtual barrier, a highly accurate virtual barrier means you still have the robot vacuum cleaner not stuck under the furniture anymore.

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