How to Make Easter Eggs?

How to Make Easter Eggs?

You won't want to skip coloring Easter eggs. This is another fun activity that is good for all ages and really brings the family together. 

Prepare materials

  • Some eggs
  • A cup
  • White Vinegar and Food Coloring
  • Boiling water
  • Newspaper, pliers and needle

1. It is easy to stain the table during the process of dyeing the eggs, so you can protect the area you are working on with newspaper, paper towels or an old towel.

2. How to Create Hollow Eggs?

  • Wash and dry an egg.
  • Using a large needle, pierce both ends of the shell. Make sure you pierce the needle deep enough to break the egg yolk.
  • Wiggle the needle around in a circular motion to open the hole at one end of the egg.
  • After the egg whites and yolks are blown out, pour warm water into the egg blowing tool or rubber syringe to rinse the inside of the eggs.

3. Dyeing Eggs

  • Mix vinegar and food coloring with boiling water. (Be sure to use a cup or glass that is deep enough to cover the entire egg)
  • Using tongs or a spoon, gently place the egg in the dye. (Be careful not to drop the egg in, or the shell might hit the bottom of the cup and crack.)
  • Completely submerge the egg in the dye until the desired colour, from 3 to 5 minutes. Changing the time the egg is in the dye will change the intensity of the color, the longer you leave the egg in the dye, the darker the color will be.

4. Once dry, paint the egg using acrylic paints and small makeup or craft sponges. You can also sponge paint small designs on the eggs using a stencil.

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