How To Successfully Connect Your Robot Vacuum Cleaners To Wi-Fi?

How To Successfully Connect Your Robot Vacuum Cleaners To Wi-Fi?

Check the battery status indicator. There will be a battery power indicator light on most of the robot vacuum cleaners, which shows the current battery status. Different colors stand for different battery power levels; for example, orange stands for low battery power level while red stands for critically low battery level. Please check this on your product from the user manual.

Sufficiently charge your robot vacuum cleaner after you receive it. The battery power of your robot vacuum cleaner may be drained due to long-term storage or transportation. We suggest that you charge it for at least 1 hour, then power it on. When it is getting charged, check whether there is power coming from the electrical outlet. If there is no power for this outlet, please change to another one. No matter when the robot vacuum cleaner is getting charged or after it gets charged, you can start the Wi-Fi connection anytime you want.

Check if there is one power switch on the robot vacuum cleaner. After charging, please also check if your robot vacuum cleaner has a power switch (see the user manual). If it has one, do not forget to turn it on before starting.

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