Robot Vacuum VS Cordless Vacuum, Which One Would You Choose?

Robot Vacuum VS Cordless Vacuum, Which One Would You Choose?

Cleaning the house is something that is more troublesome for many people. It is the common feeling of many people that it is time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, there are many products that can better help us clean up the house, such as cordless vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, mopping machines, etc.

Nowadays, cordless vacuum cleaners or robot vacuum cleaners are more commonly used. Compared with traditional traditional vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners are small in size, light in weight and strong in suction. It can help you clean your home more easily. The robot vacuum cleaner can automatically help you complete the cleaning task, and it can run automatically without manpower.

Both products are very practical and convenient. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages. How to choose the right vacuum cleaner, this guide will help you.

The cordless vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests, is a new type of vacuum cleaner without conventional accessories such as plug-in cables and dust boxes of conventional vacuum cleaners. It does not need a power cord to complete the vacuuming work. The appearance of the cordless vacuum cleaner is like a mop and broom. It has no power cord and is light in weight. It can clean the room very conveniently and efficiently. Extending from the living room to the bedroom, there is no longer a power supply.

Although a cordless vacuum cleaner can clean more efficiently and quickly, it still requires you to perform the physical act of vacuuming. If you don't like the process of vacuuming with a handheld vacuum cleaner, then you should choose a robot vacuum cleaner.

In addition, another limitation is the running time, they have a limited running time per charge. However, you can purchase additional batteries and use them together. The dust box of the cordless vacuum cleaner is also relatively small, and you need to replace it frequently.

To sum up, the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners are: strong operability, cordless, portable, light weight, multi-functional and so on. The disadvantage is that the battery life is short, the dust box is small, and the suction power is small.

The vision of a robotic vacuum cleaner has always been one of the greatest conveniences. In theory, a machine like this will wipe the floor automatically and completely autonomously. It can be said that reality has almost caught up with dreams.

The robot vacuum cleaner can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone APP, and it can clean the home even when you leave the house. These all operate in automatic mode to remove dirt and dust from carpets and hard floors. Intelligent mapping, by tracing the entire room to establish the best route function to avoid obstacles.

Although robotic vacuum cleaners sound very smart, even the smartest robots will malfunction from time to time. The risk of getting stuck. Because of its shape and size, the robot vacuum cleaner will often get stuck under the furniture or in a narrow corner, requiring you to rescue it.

The dust box of the robot vacuum cleaner is also relatively small, so it needs to be replaced and cleaned frequently like a cordless vacuum cleaner. The sweeping robot may take twice or three times as long to achieve the effect of the handheld vacuum cleaner cleaning the same room. Sweeping robots take longer to complete tasks because they use artificial intelligence functions that are different from our brains. They need longer time to decide the route, or decide whether to turn left or right, and it will drain the battery of the machine, thereby reducing the efficiency of the machine.

To sum up, the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners are: intelligent, no need to handle cleaning, remote control, intelligent mapping, etc., but the disadvantages are time-consuming and the risk of jamming.

Final summary

Is it better to use a sweeping robot or a vacuum cleaner at home? These two have their own strengths. Don't expect one machine to solve all the problems. Each has its needs and applications. It is best to have one.

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