The most neglected cleaning areas in the home

The most neglected cleaning areas in the home

A seemingly clean home, but there are many neglected areas that are hardest hit by bacteria. Are there any neglected areas in your home that need cleaning? Read on to learn more.

You may be cleaning your house every day, but there are still some areas you never thought about cleaning. Because these places have not been cleaned for a long time, there will be a lot of bacteria and germ dust. Not cleaning them will affect the health of your family.
This article reveals the most overlooked things when cleaning your house.

1. Curtains

The curtain is the closest to the window, and it has the most contact with the outside dust, and it will be contaminated with a large number of bacteria and dust mites. It is recommended to wipe the dust on the curtains with a clean damp cloth every week, especially for families with children or pets, and must insist on thoroughly cleaning once half a year.

2. Sofa, dining table and under the bed

The sofa, the dining table and the bottom of the bed are areas that are often forgotten to clean. Even if you noticed them, they all gave up these hard-to-clean areas because they were too difficult to clean.
Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of cleaning and easy to overlook, this area can easily accumulate waste and hide bacteria.
Maybe you can try a Thamtu robot vacuum cleaner, which can easily enter these difficult-to-clean areas to clean dust and bacteria.

3. Carpet, door mat

The easiest place to hide dirt and bacteria in your home is the carpet. Carpets are also a favorite place for pets to rest. Cleaning up is time-consuming and troublesome. It is recommended to use a Thamtu robot vacuum cleaner to clean it every week, thoroughly clean it every five to six months, or use a vacuum cleaner to force it.

4. Lighting switch, door handle.

Frequent touching will make the surface contaminate with a lot of bacteria. It is recommended to wipe it with a dry cloth once a week.

5. Shower head.

The sediment in the shower will not only affect the water output, but the gap also provides an ideal place for microorganisms to multiply, which can cause damage to the skin and respiratory tract. It is recommended to soak the shower head in a mixed solution of white vinegar and water (ratio 1:1) for 2 hours every 2 to 3 months and then take it out for cleaning, which can sterilize and remove stains.

6. Bathtub.

The bathtub is in a relatively humid environment, it is easy to breed bacteria, and it will change color due to contamination with dust, hard water and body oils. It is recommended to wipe dry thoroughly after each use, disinfect with disinfectant after 1 to 2 use, and open windows to ventilate or open the ventilation system in the bathroom every day to keep it dry.

7. And more

Be alert to these hidden dangers, and clean these areas in time. Protect the health of your family.

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