Why does the robot vacuum cleaner damage hardwood floors?

Why does the robot vacuum cleaner damage hardwood floors?
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Are you considering buying a robot vacuum cleaner, but are you not worried that it will scratch and damage your beautiful hardwood floors?

Robot vacuum cleaners are now a must-have electrical appliance in many families. Robot vacuum cleaners are also a convenient way to keep floors clean, but one of the biggest problems is whether they will scratch or damage hardwood floors.

So, will the robotic vacuum cleaner scratch and damage hardwood floors?

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The answer is no. Most of the robot vacuum cleaners use soft brushes and rubber tires, which will not scratch or damage your hardwood floor, and can be safely used on a variety of surfaces.

Why is there a saying that the robot vacuum cleaner damages the hardwood floor. The reason is that sand, dust or small objects may get stuck in the wheels or under the vacuum. Since most people don't monitor their robot vacuum cleaner all the time while it is running, the debris may drag for a while and scratch your floor.

So, how to prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from scratching and damaging the hardwood floor

Regardless of the brand, if sand, dust or small objects get stuck in the wheels, it will inevitably cause scratches on the hardwood floor. If you want to reduce the risk of the robot cleaner from scratching the floor, you can take some simple steps.

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Pick up large pieces of debris: Do not leave large pieces of debris (stone, sand, glass, mud, etc.) on the floor. The wheels can get caught on these items, drag them around, and cause scratches, denting, or scuffs.

Clean the robot vacuum cleaner regularly: clean the robot vacuum cleaner regularly to ensure that the wheels are not stuck with foreign objects and can rotate freely. You can choose to check whether the wheels rotate normally before use.

Pick up wires or ropes: The robot vacuum cleaner is easily entangled by wires or ropes during the cleaning process, dragging them around and scratching the floor.

Pay attention to cleaning your hair: hair is easier to wrap around the wheels and prevent them from spinning. When the wheels cannot rotate normally, they drag and rub the floor. So you need to check the wheels and brushes on time.

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