Can Robot Vacuums Go over Rugs?

Can Robot Vacuums Go over Rugs?

Over the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous advances in obstacle avoidance and navigation with robotic vacuums, but there are still many areas that deserve our attention. For example, carpets.

Yes, all robot vacuums can go over rugs and carpets of all sorts, but they will behave a little differently past them and may have other problems you didn't expect.

The most common problems with carpets and robot vacuums

Rugs with tassels

Rugs with tassels

Rugs with tassels may cause the robot vacuum cleaner to report an error on the roller brush side brush failure. The reason for this is that the hairs on these fringed carpets are so long that they may even get stuck and tangled in the rollers and side brushes.

If you have rugs with tassels in your home, then you can choose to have magnetic strips or virtual walls on the sides of the rug where there is tassels, or by folding the tassels under the rug.

Robotic vacuums on black rugs

Robotic vacuums on black rugs

Many people can find that robot vacuums stop working when they pass over black rugs. So what is going on here? Each robot vacuum cleaner has a cliff sensor that prevents it from falling downstairs when they are working near the stairs. The sensor sends out an infrared beam, and if that beam doesn't return within a certain amount of time, the algorithm tells the robot to stay away.
Since the black rug absorbs the infrared light from the cliff sensor, it's common to see vacuum robot cleaners not venture forward.

The solution to this problem is also simple, you just need to cover the cliff sensor with tape. But please note that covering the cliff sensor then it will not be able to avoid the staircase cliff.


The robot vacuum cleaner can go over the rug. But there are many unexpected problems when going over rugs and you need to adjust the settings to the actual situation of your house.

Other issues with robotic vacuum cleaners you might consider

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